Drug Possession – Methamphetamine

Methamphetamines have become a major problem in Texas in recent years. This has resulted in judges and law enforcement taking a harder stance against those accused of meth possession.

If you are facing charges of possession of methamphetamines, you are facing serious consequences including prison time.

Having a defense attorney on your side during this difficult time could improve your chances at getting a result in court you can live with.

Meth is classified with the most addictive and dangerous drugs under Texas law. This means that you will face the harshest possible penalties if convicted of possession of methamphetamine.

While no attorney can guarantee results, your attorney should be able to promise their tireless effort towards a potential positive resolution on your case.

We will treat you like a person, not a charge.

Texas Methamphetamine Possession Penalties

The penalties for possession of meth are high. This table reflects the maximum allowable penalties under Texas law.

Amount of MethOffense ClassificationPenalty
Less than 1 gramState jail felonyUp to 2 years in prison and $10,000
1 gram- 3.99 grams3rd degree felony2-10 yrs. in prison and $10,000
4- 199 grams2nd degree felony2- 20 yrs. in prison and $10,000
200- 399 grams1st degree felony5- 99 yrs. in prison and $10,000
400 grams +Enhanced 1st-degree felony10- 99 yrs. in prison and $100,000


As you can see, the penalty you face is directly dependent on the amount of meth you are charged with possessing. Also, your sentence depends on your criminal history, the facts of your case, and the prosecutor and judge you are working with.

Most Texas meth possession cases do not result in a conviction.

Instead, most cases are resolved with a plea agreement. This means the prosecution offers you a more lenient sentence or reduced charges in exchange for your guilty plea. In many cases, this results in a drastically reduced prison sentence or even no prison time at all.

Consulting with a local defense lawyer will help you understand the possibility of a favorable plea agreement in your case.

Texas Drug Courts & Meth Cases

Texas also has a system of drug courts, designed to facilitate rehabilitation rather than punishment. The drug courts are not easy, however, and do require some serious effort. Under the watchful eye of the drug court, you will be required to attend treatment, maintain a job, pass random drug tests, and meet other obligations. You will also be required to go before the judge on a regular basis to check on your progress.

Drug courts are not available in all jurisdictions, but a local attorney can help you determine if there is one in your area.

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