When a Theft Carries 50 Years in Prison

There’s no arguing that some crimes are more serious than others. Obviously, in a just situation, someone accused of rape, for instance, will be punished more severely than someone charged with a drug offense. But as this nation’s War on Drugs illustrates, that isn’t always the case. Even when it comes to non-drug offenses, there are instances where a punishment simply doesn’t fit the crime. A recent example comes to us from Waco. [Read more…]

Texas Cops Use Surveillance to Thwart Car Burglaries

Surveillance cameras and tracking devices are helping Dallas police catch culprits stealing goods from cars. According to the Dallas Morning News, car burglaries account for about 30% of the city’s crime and police rarely catch the burglars. With help from one Assistant Chief’s personal finances, the local police are whittling away at the problem. [Read more…]