Child Sex Trafficking a “Huge Problem” in Texas?

A report from this week has characterized child sex trafficking as a “huge problem” in the state of Texas and around the country. But reports of this type have been criticized in the past for being exaggerated and misrepresenting the numbers. While any single case of child sex trafficking is serious and is definitely a problem, the truth is that we don’t know how big the problem actually is. [Read more…]

Texas Allows Some Sex Offenders Second Chance (Romeo and Juliet Law)

There is a segment of sex offenders who are required to register and subject to the same stigma as rapists but who believe they aren’t getting a fair shake. This group is made up of people who had a relationship with a younger partner and who were convicted of a sex offense for it. Now those offenders may have the opportunity to get their name dropped from the sex offender registry. [Read more…]