Counterfeit Bills Result in 80 Year Prison Sentence

This isn’t a “wacky crime news” type of blog, but every once in a while, an out-of-the-ordinary story can teach us a good lesson in how the justice system often works. Such is the case of a Fort Worth man who will be in prison for a very long time because of his evening out at a Mansfield movie theater. [Read more…]

Accused Con-man Faces Fraud Charges in Texas, California, and New York

Forty six year old Michael Manos sits in a San Francisco jail today waiting an extradition hearing to return him to New York. At some point this man will be returning to Dallas where he will faces for charging over $70,000 in unauthorized purchases to a local restaurant owner. According to the Dallas Morning News, this jet setting wannabe star has spent years changing identities and residences. [Read more…]