Shock Probation Granted for Drunk Driving Conviction

A man who plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter in a drunk driving case where two people were killed, was granted shock probation instead of serving seven years in prison.

Shock probation is a program under Texas law where a defendant convicted of a crime is sentenced to prison, but within 6 months a judge reduces the sentence to probation.

The purpose is to “shock” the defendant into never committing a crime again, by serving prison time, but releasing them on probation before they become hardened by the prison sentence. It saves the Texas Department of Criminal Justice the expense or long term incarceration, and reduces the likelihood of future criminal behavior.

A defendant is eligible for shock probation for a misdemeanor or first offense felony charge. Shock probation may be recommended by a jury during sentencing, or issued by a judge after the fact.

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  1. Gary Davenport says

    Our son was killed while he was a passenger in a vehicle, the driver of the vehicle had tree prior offences for DWI and one prior accident, he has been stopped for drug possesion, he has never been ordered to have the ignition interlock device installed, has been on probation for two of the three offences, was on probation at time of accident that took our sons life, never called 911 to report accident that killed our son, he was given shock probation for six months but swill only do five, he also spent forty days in county jail prior to being tranferred to TDCJ, no restitution was ordered to the family, prior to the trial he was seen repeatitly still driving and purchasing beer, WHERES THE JUSTICE??? WHO WILL BE THE NEXT VICTIM???

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